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Thank you for this amazing blog! "Band of Brothers" deserves it!

Thank you :)

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Shifty teaching Peter Youngblood Hills how to shoot.

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Richard Speight Jr at the dedication of the monument to Skip Muck and the Niland Brothers in Tonawanda

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“He told me Liebgott was a great soldier and a very nice man. After the war was over my dad and many others tried to contact him to no avail. They simply did not know where he was. As the years passed I guess he faded away.”

-Gene Guarnere, son of Wild Bill

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Follow medic Doc Roe on twitter. He is @tinker_t

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R.I.P Denver ‘Bull’ Randleman. Gone but never forgotten.

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Webster: 81. I have 81 points.

Janovec: Well, that’s just not good enough.

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Denver “Bull” Randleman

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